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Our Mission

The Connecticut Urban Forest Council, Inc. is a statewide organization composed of representatives from Connecticut environmental organizations, state agencies, universities, research institutions, corporations, professional communities and citizen tree groups. Its purpose is to provide advice, assistance, education, information and support to urban and community forestry professionals, associated professionals, municipal, state and corporate leaders, and volunteers.

The Council Seeks To:

  • Increase the number and quality of urban and community forestry programs in Connecticut towns and cities.
  • Inform community decisions makers, legislators, and the public about the essential benefits derived from urban and community forestry.
  • Provide continuing education and make educational resources available to arborists, tree wardens, foresters, community tree volunteers, public work employees and
  • others practicing urban and community forestry in Connecticut.
  • Develop policies designed to promote progressive and appropriate urban and community forestry programs and practices throughout the state.

To this end, the Council will serve to coordinate and direct urban and community forestry efforts in Connecticut.