Thank you to Everyone for a Great 2016 Connecticut Urban Forest Conference and Forest Forum.

We hope to see you at the 2017 Conference, to be held on November 7, at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville.

Meanwhile – Plant Trees / Enjoy Trees / Take Care of Trees and appreciate all that trees do for us.

See you next year!

Outstanding Project Awards

In 2006, the Connecticut Urban Forest Council began a new program of recognizing exceptional urban forestry projects.  These are projects from throughout the state that demonstrate the range and the quality of work that can be done in urban forestry in Connecticut.  The intent is to give primary recognition to the project, while also noting the participants.  Many of these projects have had numerous originators and participants, all worthy of mention.

Outstanding Urban Forestry Projects

  • 2013 – Educating and Motivating Young People in Horticulture and Urban Forestry (through the efforts of Groundwork Bridgeport), by Jack Dillon, Rachel Holmes, Bruce Lindsay
  • 2012 – The Homestead Elm Planting in Milford, CT, by The City of Milford, especially the Milford Department of Public Works and Milford Trees, Inc.
  • 2011 – Connecticut Notable Trees Project, by Connecticut Botanical Society and the Connecticut College Arboretum
  • 2010 – Use of Wood from the Urban Forest for city bench, by Ted and Zeb Esselstyn
  • 2010 – The Milford Legacy Arboretum, by The City of Milford and Milford Trees Inc.
  • 2009 – Replanting of the Ledyard Oak, by Sprigs and Twigs

2012 Special Project Award

Presenter: Bruce Lindsay of Nutmeg Design & Landscape to Mayor Ben Blake
Special Project Award

Homestead Elm, Milford CT

In many ways the urban forest is shared, enjoyed and celebrated by a combination of citizens and government staff including public works departments from every town and municipality. It is often where each component of a healthy urban forestry program comes together to work towards a common goal such as in this case. The City of Milford, Mayor Ben Blake, the Department of Public Works and Milford Trees Inc. and the local community worked together to plant a large homestead elm in downtown Milford.

Individual & Municipal Awards

The Community Award

2013 – Friends of Beaver Ponds Park
2012 – City of Bridgeport
2010 – Town of South Windsor
2009 – Town of Coventry
2008 – City of Milford
2007 – Town of Redding

The Volunteer Award

2013 – David Francefort
2011 – Misty Beyer, Fairfield Forestry Committee
2010 – Ron Vidal, Greenwich Tree Conservancy
2009 – Kate Orecchio
2008 – CT Tree Protective Association

The Fred Borman Professional Award

2014 – Dr. Claire Rutledge
2013 – Christy Hass
2012 – Bud Neal, Jim Govoni
2011 – Greg Foran
2010 – Colleen Murphy-Dunning
2009 – Rob Rocks
2008 – Dr. Sharon Douglas

The H. Sharon Ossenbruggen Meritorious Service Award

2014 – Ken Placko
2013 – Tom Zetterstrom
2011 – Glenn D. Dreyer
2009 – Dave Goodson, Mary Ludwig
2005 – Fred Borman III
2003 – Susan Stotts

The Leadership Award

2014 – Senator Majority Leader Martin Looney, House Speaker Brendan Sharkey and Representative Michael D’Agostino
2013 – Mary and Michelle Hirschoff
2012 – Special Recognition Awards: The Two Storm Panel and The State Vegetation Management Task Force
2011 – Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
2009 – Alan Carey
2008 – Donald H. Smith, Jr.

CT’s 375th Anniversary

CUFC Assists Governor Rell in Planting a Tree to Commemorate Connecticut’s 375th Anniversary.


CUFC Council Chair Leslie Kane (second from left) assists with the planting of the 375th Anniversary Tree. State Forester Chris Martin is on the far right.

The state's Tree Wardens also pitch in, including Maureen Nicholson (Pomfret), Ken Placko (Fairfield) and Kevin Kelley (Colchester).

The state’s Tree Wardens also pitch in, including Maureen Nicholson (Pomfret), Ken Placko (Fairfield) and Kevin Kelley (Colchester).